07 September 2012

Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer's appeal to C. M. Jayalalithaa regarding Koodankulam

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September 7, 2012

Dear Chief Minister Jayalalithaa,

You have promoted great changes in the social and economic conditions of Tamil Nadu and the people will be ever grateful to you for the benign transformation. You have given a great lead, but alas! The Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant will undo the progress for which you can take credit. Long years ago a similar power plant was sought to be started in Kerala with nuclear dynamics. We opposed to teeth and nail and the masses were with us. The nuclear plant was abundant. I opposed it in Moscow as President of ISCUS and told the scientists that like giving us a nuclear power plant you could as well give us a mass mortuary. After Three Mile Island in USA no more power project in America. After Chernobyl no one there think of nuclear power project in Europe. I opposed it in Moscow. I plead with you Madam Jayalalithaa to save your people a potential disaster lying in waiting secretly in every nuclear power plant. Japan is the greatest example of the grave danger of Nuclear Power. Nature has given us the Solar Power, then why go in for Nuclear.

On my bended knees for the safety of the people of Tamil Nadu please halt Koodankulam project. You are the savior of Tamil masses. Therefore don’t, don’t commission Koodankulam plant.  Great Jayalalithaa, your prestige is in the courage you demonstrate stopping and inaugurating a grand volume of wind power, tidal power and more than the universal blessing of solar power. Please display your statesmanship now. The people of Tamil Nadu and their lives and property are too great a value to be forsaken before the syndrome of Big Business whether in the USA of USSR.

With regards,
Yours sincerely,
(V. R. Krishna Iyer)

                        Hon’ble Chief Minister Jayalalithaa,
                        Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,
                        Tamil Nadu.

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