19 March 2012


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          19 /03/ 2012



                PUCL, TAMIL NADU-PUDUCHERRY strongly condemns the arbitrary and illegal exercise of police repression by the Tamil Nadu State Government against peacefully demonstrating local protestors in Koodankulam today, 19.3.2012. What exposes the deceitful move of the State Government is the fact that the State Government which had been conducting discussions with the protesting villagers, did not even bother to inform the public about its final decision ; while so, the Tamil Nadu State Government moved in more than 5,000 armed police early this morning encircling Idinthakrai and neighbouring villages. The operation resembled a military action of `encirclement and suppression’ and was wholly an unnecessary show of police might against peaceful, unarmed demonstrators.

            The Police action against idinthakrai villagers resembles the Jalianwalabagh incident and raises concern about the true intention of the State Government’s action coming immediately after the Sankarankovil bye-elections. The least the State Government could have done is to take the Koodankulam and Idinthakarai villagers into confidence and engage in democratic discussions. Such Police action is wholly unwarranted and is meant to intimidate local villagers and citizens.

            We condemn the State Government’s dishonest police crackdown as an act of democratic betrayal without parallel.

            We condemn the illegal arrest of villagers as also the arrest of Sivasubramaniam, Advocate and Rajalingam at the struggle committee office which was set up near the plant with the concurrence and approval of the District Collector and the State government aothers. PUCL demands immediate and unconditional release of all arrested villagers. PUCL also demands immediate withdrawal of Police force from the area. PUCL also calls upon the state government to resume dialogue with the villagers and desist from using force and unleashing repression.
  With Regards,


                                                                              (Dr. V. Suresh)
                                                                                National Secretary.


  1. its a shame for a nation who recognize her self as biggest democracy in the world

  2. It is obvious Key Pushers for use of cancer causing uranium are behind this pro nuclear propaganda in India. Since protestors have no objection to the Koodankulam plant operating on either solar or gas! I read that the most of the uranium mines are owned by Britain's queen and since the entire world has turned it's back on nuclear after Fukushima and there are no takers for uranium, the U.K. government in connivance with the dying nuclear industry operating in France ,U.K. U.S.A and elsewhere have handpicked some Indian NRI traitors who have residences abroad and money to invest in uranium sales. Thinking we Indians are all dumbass bollywood brained individuals and easy to dump the uranium on and make a profit for themselves and their queen, these individuals have social standing with Britain's rulers and consequently with our rulers and have probably financed our rulers in elections. Hence now they want to extract their pound of flesh (either kill these Tamilians coming in their way) or get back their money (which is not possible as they have already paid big bucks for the uranium) This being the case no talk or suggestion to convert to other safe fuel is possible with these lowest of low life forms who by the way in their positioning in the next life will be reborn as scum that feed on scum for pushing this deadly fuel from Hell on the innocent, hard working but NOT IGNORANT people of koodankulam and surrounding areas. David and Goliath it will continue to be and eventually Politicians will have to learn that power has to and must belong to the people, because people can exist without politicians but politicians cannot exist even without the consent of the people. Mr. Kalam has his home in England. No wonder he approves of the plant. he can always run off to Bonny England if something goes seriously wrong. He has no qualifications as a nuclear scientist or physicists so we cannot rely on his opinion.