21 December 2011

Is Koodankulam nuclear plant necessary or not?

There are two different schools of thought;one group is for it and another is against it. Each group puts across various questions and arguments for and against it. It is vital that we, the public should understand the facts about it.

Lets us look at the important queries raised in this issue:

Why is nuclear plant necessary? 
Why is nuclear plant not necessary?
Electricity generated from nuclear power is very important to meet our power shortages
We can resort to economic usage of electricity; can make use of other safe resources for electricity generation
Is a clean and hygienic source; can make sure its safety though scientific means
Nuclear plants by birth are risky. Radiation emitted from such plants can affect generation after generation, it is destructible and a paralyzing one. No solutions for this.
Power generation from nuclear energy is cheaper compared to other sources
Costs incurred towards period of generation, maintenance of plant, post-generation safety aspects and disposal of nuclear wastes is very high compared to the cost of power generation
Accidents are inevitable in all kinds of situations. We do not avoid travelling by trains just because accidents do happen
There is no safe nuclear plant. Effects of nuclear plant accidents, unlike ordinary accidents do not stop with the place of accident. Serious after-effects will be carried for generations
Arguments about the location of Koodankulam nuclear plant are unnecessary
The location of Koodankulam plant is prone to tsunami and earthquake. It is a place of smaller volcanic eruptions and landslides. It is not possible to protect the nuclear plant from natural disasters
All safety aspects and precautions are in place. Fear prevailing among people with regard to its safety is unnecessary
Opinion polls were not conducted to understand the environmental damages caused by nuclear plants
Arrangements are in place to handle high-risk situations
High Risk Management Monitoring Committee, headed by Prime Minister has stated that it cannot be ensured that Koodankulam will remain safe from tsunami or earthquake
We cannot witness growth when fear overpowers us
It is quite logical to be cautious of those that creates fear and to take necessary preventive action
Scientist cum former President Abdul Kalam has stated that Koodankulam is safe and nuclear energy is a must for our country’s growth
M B Parameswaran, a research scholar in nuclear research has said that it is an intelligent decision to look for alternatives to power from nuclear sources. It is not surprising to see an expert like Abdul Kalam who was involved in nuclear bomb blast, welcoming it. He has proved his loyalty recently by meeting up with officials of nuclear plant and not the protesters
Nuclear energy is the future of world’s growth and development; science will solve its complications in due course of time
Even the developed countries who had utilized nuclear energy for years have decided to close down their nuclear plants phase by phase
There is no chance of danger occurring as in Fukushima
Tremors have been recently witnessed  even in areas not actually prone to tremors (Eg: Tharapuram)
No need to worry about nuclear wastes generated from Koodankulam plant. These wastes will not go out of the plant. They, in particular will not get mixed up with sea water. So, people residing around the plant need not be worried about consequences arising out of nuclear wastes
There are no reports about management of nuclear wastes. It was earlier stated that the wastes will be taken away by Russia. Whether it is going to be buried within the Koodankulam plant or under the sea, there is no information with regard to the damage it could cause to the environment. They are not disclosed in the name of country’s secrets
Developed countries like America manage nuclear wastes well. Their experiences could guide us
True. Nuclear wastes of America were buried in Yucca valley since 2002. Realizing the effect it could cause, the American government banned human habitation around 100 miles of the area for 10 lakh years. It was dropped in 2011. Nuclear wastes of America are being dumped in areas inhabited by blacks and natives and undisclosed African and Asian countries
Water from Pechipparai water reservoir will not be used as a coolant for the nuclear plant. Source of life for fishermen will not be affected in any manner
32 lakh litres of water would be required to cool a nuclear plant for a day. It is said that purified sea water will be used for this purpose. In case the purification is temporarily halted for technological reasons or in case of natural fury, stored water would last for one and a half days only. This could be rectified only with the technical experts of Israel. Is this possible? In case the nuclear plants are not cooled, there are chances of them bursting. No formal explanations are in place for alternative arrangements in such situations. Areas surrounding the nuclear plant have already been declared as high safety zone and in turn has affected the lives of fishermen living around the plant
Kalam has proposed developmental programmes for people in Koodankulam, worth about Rs 200 crores. This would address the problems of source of life for the locals
Such programmes have been put forward as a bribe to tone down the protests staged by Koodankulam people. Not even 1% of it has been implemented in Kalpakkam. Why?
For the sake of development, we have to withstand certain losses
Causing damage to the future generations and their source of life for the present day ‘growth’ is in no way justified
Legal limits are brought in to compensate for losses. Arrangements have been made to compensate for losses up to Rs 2500 crores
Compensation for losses incurred in Bhopal gas leak has not reached the affected people even after 25 years. Maximum limits proposed legally are favourable for the businessmen of world’s nuclear plant, not for affected people
Those who oppose nuclear plants are the enemies of country’s growth
Protesters of nuclear plants are national patriots. People’s welfare is country’s welfare.
Koodankulam nuclear plant will address the issue of power shortage for Tamil Nadu
Out of total electricity generation in Tamil Nadu,power generated from nuclear power is less than 1%. Even if the power generation from  nuclear sources is completely stopped, there is no huge electricity loss
Koodankulam nuclear plant is a growth opportunity for Tamil Nadu. We should not lose it.
Why is the nuclear plant that was rejected by people of Karnataka and Kerala is forced upon the people of Tamil Nadu? Should we fall prey to their plan of militarizing Tamil Nadu and changing it in to a murder field?
France is 75% reliant on electricity generated from nuclear power. 20% of America’s electricity is being generated from  nuclear power
Post nuclear blast in a 3-mile island in America in the year 1979 and Chernobyl blast in Russia in 1986, new nuclear plants have not been established in those countries. Why? What is the reason behind Germany refusing to take nuclear wastes generated in France?
The Koodankulam nuclear plant was started in the year 1988 – now, what is the reason behind some of them in the area protesting against it after so many years?
Even since 1988, protests have been staged against Koodankulam nuclear plant. Construction activities were halted in lieu of changes in Soviet Union and changes evidenced in approach of America. Post Fukushima disaster, these protests have gained momentum
Even though nuclear weapons are dangerous, they are required for self-defence. Without nuclear energy technology, there is no room for nuclear weapons
Each nuclear plant is a hidden bomb. Nuclear war would wipe out the entire human race. There is a danger of nuclear plants turning into nuclear bombs in the hands of enemies.
Who is responsible for the losses estimated at Rs 11,000 crores that was spent towards constructing this plant? Even if the  expected 7000 megawatt electricity generation is not there, it would be beneficial  to generate at least 2000 megawatts of power
Thought needs to be given if this plant can be used for electricity generation other than from nuclear power or for some other purpose. Those who implemented this project without taking into consideration the dangers of nuclear plant or the approval of locals must be punished. This is not a huge amount compared to the one lost in Rs.1.7 lakh crore scam
This is related to country’ growth. Those who are against it are opposed to country’s growth
Yes. The question is what kind of growth, pattern of growth that we wish to see? Manufacturing to meet domestic demands or export demands? Extended growth or short-term inflation?
Where does the money come from the protesters of Koodankulam nuclear plant? With aid flowing in from  abroad, these protests are staged  by Christian groups and NGOs
This is a problem of the people- a problem of the farmers and fishermen. Majority of the fishermen are Christians. That is why they stand by the protesters and Christian groups. Yet, this is not the protest conducted by Christians alone. Right, aren’t the protesting Christians Indian citizens? Don’t they need protection?
Protest demonstration for Koodankulam nuclear plant is against Indo-Russian welfare. American plot is behind it.
Tarapur nuclear plant has been established with assistance from America. A massive nuclear plant is to be established at Jaitapur with expertise from France. Protesters of nuclear plant are also against this. Opposition to nuclear plant is related to people welfare
Its decision is finally related to Science, scientists and experts
Science that ignores/rejects people’s welfare is not at all Science. The truth dies down when scientific experts  become selfish and  puppets of power
Some anti-national forces are trying to divert this project that is necessary for the country and its people
This is finally relevant to democracy, in particular, it relates to the livelihood rights of people in the lower most strata of society. It is all about their choosing their path to development. It is about true rights of people. Its moral lies in not forcing anything on them that is not acceptable
It is imperative that ignorance among people is wiped out and the plant launched  for the development  of the country
Yes. The protesters of nuclear plant are ready for an open discussion about its scientific, political and legal fundamentals. Are the supporters ready for this?

 -Pon. Chandran

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